The Castle of San Nicola de Thoro Plano

— Hystory —

The castle sits on the summit of the hill that overlooks the districts of Accola and Carpineto. It was more than just a castle, it was a fortress, a bastion, a place of refuge for the population of the town below against Longobard and pirate attacks.

According to Cerasuoli, building began after the death of Sicardo, Longobard Duke of Benevento in 840 a.d.. Sicardo had devestated many of the towns and settlements on the Amalfi Coast.
Work on the building developed round an existing church dedicated to San Nicola de Thoro Plano. The building underwent modifications by the Piccolimini Dukes, who in 1461 had been nominated as governors of the Duchy of Amalfi by Ferdinando I of Aragon.

The work started in 1465 and lasted until 1468 at a cost to the town of 6000 ducats. The fort enclosed an existing three aisle church, and the term Thoro Plano means a small hill placed against a taller elevation, Thorus Clivius, where the districts of Campo and Paie were situated.
Inside the castle there were barracks, refuge for the population, cisterns and stores which guaranteed water and food supplies in case of invasion. The building preserves its original rectangular polygon shaped perimeter which is 550 metres long. The barrier walls are interspaced with nine round towers, which are eight metres high and five metres in diameter.

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