Strolling through the alleyways, squares, monuments and traditions… discovering the charm of Maiori

A free event every Thursday from 6 June to 12 september, departing at 19:00 from the Obelisk of Santa Maria a Mare (at the start of Corso Reginna).

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Are you ready to discover the most interesting things about Maiori?
Your journey starts at the obelisk dedicated to Santa Maria a Mare ( Our Lady of the Sea) who has been protector of Maiori since her statue miraculously appeared on the beach here.( quando deve essere inserito qui)
Our first stop is just a few steps  away. The church of San Giacomo a Platea. Admire the  colourful majolica of the cupola. This 13th century church was the site of  the inauguration of the Bishops of Amalfi.
As we proceed, take in the colours, sounds, sights and busy shops of the main street, which is overlooked by the Toro Plano Castle , evidence of a flourishing medieval period in Maiori’s history.

Half way along the street, where the original walls and gates of the city were situated, we come to the Votive statue of Our Lady in Chains, dating to the XVI century. It was donated to the city by local sailors who had escaped from the terrible pirate “Redbeard”. These men, who were to be sold as slaves, managed to escape after praying to the Virgin.
Turn right into the characteristic Via Casa Mannini. Along this street, the remains of the defensive walls of the Baluardo di San Sebastiano ( a fortress) can still be seen. These walls were the city limits of the oldest part of Maiori. The walls would have extended from the main church of Maiori,, the Collegiata, to the west as far as Mount Brusario to the east.
Continue your walk to the end of Via Casa Mannini, and cross the very busy road, Via Nuova Chiunzi. Leave the traffic behind you and take Via de Jusola on the left. A few steps later, you will come to an open air altar with a large wooden crucifix. This was a place of worship for the inhabitants of the area. Continue up the steps and you will reach the area known as Lazzaro, the old Jewish quarter. From here the panorama is truly wonderful.

Retrace your steps back down towards the road. Cross Via Nuova Chiunzi again, and take Casale Basso ( alley way). Proceed along the alleyway, admire the courtyards on either side and you will find yourself on the main street , Corso Reginna. again
Your attention will be immediately drawn to the historical Palazzo Mezzacapo, which is now the town hall of Maiori, the council library and the archives of the town. In the past, this was the residence of the Marquis Mezzacapo..
The sound of water fountains and perfumes of the flowers will draw you to the gardens, which are  next to the Palazzo Mezzacapo. The elegant Italian garden is in the shape of the Maltese cross, the symbol of the religious order of the marquis.
Exiting the gardens, following the external wall, you will come to Piazza Raffaele D’Amato, which was once called Piazza dell’ Olmo ( Elm Tree Square).

In the square, you will see a  water tap . It was built in the XV century when the Mayor obtained permission from the Archbishop for running water in the square. The place has a slight neo-classical air about it, due to the many “restorations” in the past. Two elm trees and a poplar tree were planted in 1469, hence the square’s name.
Signs of the past are still visible on the walls of the building on the right, for example, the arch on the wall is in the Catalan style, which has the crowned coat of arms of the town.

Finally your journey ends with a free tasting, , of  the most popular product of the coast:  LIMONCELLO liqueur; offered by some local stores.
The cultural committee of Maiori  will give you a small “recipe book” with the secrets of some of  Maiori’s typical recipes.

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